“Working with Steve, was a real pleasure, he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable which helped me release more of my creativity. He pulls the best out of you and works quickly to create great music that I am happy to say I’m very proud of. Will definitely be working with him again!”

Charlotte Raynsford


“I have been working with Steve since Summer 2013. I can honestly say that it’s been a good experience where I feel the project has taken a step in a really positive direction. Steve is easy to work with and shares ideas. He has a great musical background and seems to know which way you want to take a vibe or idea without much articulation and if we were on different pages, communication was easy. I trusted Steve’s musical input and guidance on tracks that I’d written and felt happy to work together. A fun, relaxed environment and I look forward to getting back in the studio with him again.”

John Selah AKA “Wendy’s child”


I had the pleasure of working with Steve Salvari on numerous occasions; he produced three of my songs and not only imparted a huge weight of creativity and experience, but innovation, grace, humour and open-mindedness.

I found the experience in Steve’s studio to be very enjoyable, his relaxed yet authoritative approach instilled confidence, and kept stress and pressure to a minimum.

Working with Steve was an enriching experience and it has improved my craft as a songwriter and musician. He is technically adept, amicable, talented and has great insight for music and the industry.

I would heartily recommend Steve’s services and I sincerely hope to work with him again in the future.

Patrick Mclean ex Hi Tension


It’s being a long time coming back to the music business and so it was great to have Steve on board with his wealth of knowledge and experience. This gave me access to advice and info on a wide scope of different aspects of the industry all in one place. His skills outside of being a producer are numerous and so he gets the project done with great speed and ease.

Looking forward to continue working with Steve in the future.



I’ve known Steve Salvari for a the majority of my life but getting the chance to commission him to develop and custom compose various tracks for my promotional movies and web projects was a revelation. I always knew Steve was good but the attention to detail and focus was fantastic. I’m quite particular about what I need and Steve made sure that every step of the production was perfect. He has a great work ethic and burnt the midnight oil to get my tracks completed, he is an artist of the highest calibre and I seriously can’t recommend him enough. (Now please don’t point the gun at me any longer and can I have my cat back…)